Mid-America Transplant Services provides the following services within its service area:

opc-for-webFamily Support Services

Mid-America Transplant has a team of family support personnel who are specially trained to approach families about donating the organs and tissues of a loved one who has died. They are available to answer the families’ questions and guide them through the donation process during a very difficult time. In addition to the our staff, we provide special training to hospital personnel including nurses, pastoral care and social workers on how to approach families about tissue donation.

Organ Recovery

We coordinate all aspects of the organ recovery process from scheduling the operating room to the preservation of the organs. Working from a national list of recipients provided by the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), all suitable organs are matched with waiting patients by the MTS coordinator prior to their recovery in the hospital operating room. Depending which type of organs are suitable for transplant, one or several teams of transplant surgeons do the careful recovery of the organ. Mid-America Transplant then assists with the preservation, packaging, and transportation of the organ to its final destination at the operating room where an anxious recipient awaits.

Tissue Recovery

In 2008, we moved into a state-of-the-art building located in the Highlands in St. Louis. Once the family has given consent for donation, tissue donors are transferred from the donor hospital to our facility. A highly-skilled medical team with Mid-America Transplant performs the tissue recovery. Recovery of tissue is dependent on the age and medical condition of the donor. Tissue from one donor may help up to 50 people, restoring a quality of life to many recipients throughout our service area.

eye-bankEye Bank

Mid-America Transplant offers a full-service eye bank providing physicians, ophthalmic surgeons and other eye banks with a complete range of evaluation/screening, processing, storage and distribution services. For more than 20 years, the eye bank provided a wide range of transplantable corneas and sclera for local, domestic, and international recipients. One eye donor can potentially restore sight to two people after a cornea transplant. Click here to contact the eye bank directly at

Donor Family Services

The loss of a loved one is a stressful and life-altering experience. Making the decision to donate can be an emotional process. We are committed to providing ongoing support services to donor families by respecting their loss, honoring the memories of loved ones, and appreciating the “Gift of Life” given through organ and tissue donation. We offer bereavement support services to donor families including: scheduled educational and informative mailings; the Solace newsletter; invitations to memorial events hosted by Mid-America Transplant; and opportunities to share the stories of loved ones through our Passion Panel program. Learn more about the support for donor families.

Professional Education

Mid-America Transplant is responsible for maintaining a high level of awareness with the medical staff of over 122 hospitals within our service area, therefore, we develop specific systems for both requesting donations and the recovery process within each hospital. Professional education includes criteria for identifying donors, requesting donations, and the care and medical management of the potential donor.  Learn more about our Caring Question training program.

Community Involvement

Part of our mission is to create awareness about the importance of organ and tissue donation; therefore, we take part in many community functions and campaigns. Many audience-specific education programs have been developed by Mid-America Transplant, especially our on-site education program and Show Me Your Heart campaign for the state of Missouri.

Save A Life

Save A Life

One donor can save the lives of up to eight people and improve the lives of over 50 others.

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