MTS Adds Third License Office to DMV Outreach

Posted June 27, 2013 in News Category

MTS’s DMV foot print is growing. With the acquisition of the Chesterfield License Office, MTS now operates three license offices in the St. Louis area. During the summer of 2013, the state of Missouri awarded MTS two more DMV contracts for the Northside and Chesterfield offices. About one year earlier, MTS became the first U.S. Organ Procurement Organization to operate a license office when it was awarded the state contract for the Maplewood office.

maplewddmv-016MTS has utilized this unique opportunity to identify and test best practices designed to increase both awareness of organ and tissue donation and the number of people signing up on the state donor registry. Additionally, MTS identified an opportunity to improve customer service. By visiting, customers can reduce their time waiting at the license office by utilizing the QLess system, which is similar to call-ahead seating at a restaurant. The system allows customers to place their name on the waiting list before arriving at the license office or schedule an appointment for a future date and time. 

With better customer service, MTS hopes to encourage more people to visit its license offices, providing additional opportunities to educate the public about the organ and tissue donation where 98% of registry enrollments occur. Increasing the number of people on the donor registry equates to more lives saved. With more than 115,000 people waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant, the need is greater than ever. 

Registry Initiative
MTS continues its comprehensive “Badge of Honor” campaign focusing on the organ and tissue donor registry enrollment at five DMV offices and through community outreach programs. The innovative program – in which DMV staff play a critical role – give participants the chance to proudly include the donor heart on their driver’s license.Through MTS’s continued efforts focusing on the targeted areas with concentrated activities, the Northside office achieved a 40% designation rate in May, it’s best month since MTS began collecting data for the office in 2009.

MTS will continue to work in these offices with the help of community leaders and our partners, both of whom can help promote awareness by sharing the benefits of organ and tissue donation within the workplace and communities in which they reside.

Outreach in Springfield, MO and Arkansas

img1740MTS staff invited organ and tissue recipients to visit DMV offices in Springfield, MO to thank the license office staff for asking customers to join the donor registry.

In the second half of 2012, MTS expanded its registry efforts, implementing new registration initiatives at strategically chosen DMVs in Springfield, Missouri and northeastern Arkansas. 

Primarily focusing on education and the importance of asking their customers to join the organ and tissue donor registry, events included National Donate Life Month celebrations with Donate Life t-shirts, cookies and recognition events. 

The staff at DMVs throughout Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, and the nation are at the front lines of MTS’s lifesaving mission. These individuals are making a difference in organ and tissue donation every time they ask a customer to join the registry.  


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