Mid-America Transplant Services’ opens new Family House to support transplant families while they await a life-saving organ transplant

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fhopenhouse-011MTS guests tour the new Family House at an open house.

One of the most difficult times in a family’s life is when a member of the family is in need of an organ transplant.  Before, during and after the procedure is performed, the stress and pressure can be unbearable.  That’s why Mid-America Transplant Services is opening a new facility to help make those times easier for patients and their families.

Mid-America Transplant Services (MTS) hosted an open house for the Mid-America Transplant Services Family House on Tuesday, December 3 for transplant professionals, media members and the public. The event unveiled the 10 fully furnished apartments at The Lofts at the Highlands available to pre- and post-transplant patients of one of St. Louis’ four transplant centers.   

The Family House will offer comfortable, safe and affordable mid- to long-term, single-family apartment living for patients and their families who must relocate to St. Louis to receive life-saving pre- and post-transplant care. The 10 single-family apartments – four one-bedroom units, four two-bedroom units, and two three-bedroom units – include private kitchens and bathrooms, private laundry facilities and access to a fitness and wellness center.

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“Families of patients awaiting transplants face many challenges, not the least of which is the concern for the survival of their loved ones.  It is our hope that the Family House will provide a comfortable ‘home away from home’ that will keep families together during a time in their lives when being together is so very important,” says Dean F. Kappel, President and CEO of Mid-America Transplant Services.

The Family House is located at the Highlands at Forest Park adjacent to Mid-America Transplant Services’ facility, the Donor Memorial Monument and within minutes of St. Louis’ four transplant centers: Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center, St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Saint Louis University Hospital.

fhopenhouse-016MTS employee Julie Walton, right, shows an apartment to Sue Hogenmiller, a financial coordinator at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

“It’s amazing for families and caregivers to have a place like this, a place that is more like a home. With all the uncertainty and difficulties during the time you’re listed, it’s nice to have somewhere you can set your feet down and plant roots. Even if they’re temporary roots, they’re still roots and it’s a huge blessing to have the Family House,” said Sam Kribbs, a Kansas City resident who is on the lung transplant waiting list at Barnes-Jewish Hospital since June 14. Sam and his wife, Katie, will be among the first families to move into the Family House next week.

To be eligible for occupancy of the MTS Family House, a patient must be receiving pre- or post-transplant care from Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center, St. Louis Children’s Hospital or Saint Louis University Hospital. Additionally, the family must live at least 25 minutes or more from the transplant hospital and agree to the MTS Family House policies and guest guidelines. Request for housing must be received by referral from the transplant hospital.

The Family House is part of a larger community effort by Mid-America Transplant Services aimed at changing lives by reducing barriers for patients waiting for life-saving organ transplants. Mid-America Transplant Services also offers the Recipient Fund, which is an emergency fund to assist pre- and post-transplant patients with special needs including medications, transportation, or other services that either impact their ability to receive a transplant or endanger the success of a transplant they have already received.


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