Inspired by Transplant Hopefuls, Chesterfield DMV Achieves Record Registry Enrollment

Posted January 30, 2014 in News Category

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The Chesterfield License Office, operated by Mid-America Transplant Services, achieved an office-best  66 percent donor registry enrollment during the month of December and its sister office in Maplewood recorded an office-best 59 percent in the same time period. Donor designation represents the percentage of people who joined the Missouri Organ and Tissue Donor Registry while renewing a driver’s license or state ID during the month. These numbers are important because increasing the number of people on the donor registry results in more lives saved through organ and tissue transplants.

“Reaching these all-time highs really speaks to the dedication of the staff at the MTS license offices,” said Lisa Longwell, manager of the Chesterfield License Office. “We recognize how important education and increased registry enrollment is in the process of saving more lives through organ and tissue donation.”

Lisa said at their December staff meeting, they learned about the residents of the MTS Family House. Merry Smith from the MTS Center for Life shared a few stories about the patients waiting for a life-saving organ transplant while living at the Family House.

“We had someone come in and tell us about the Family House, a little about the first families to move in, the situations that had them there,” Lisa said. “We made a little bit of an emotional connection with these people who are waiting on a miracle, and we’re here to try to help facilitate that miracle.”

mts0900croppedThe Chesterfield License Office staff celebrates each customer who joins the organ and tissue donor registry. When a customer says “yes,” the staff gives him or her a heart to place on the Wall of Heroes.

Mid-America Transplant Services acquired three license offices in 2012 and 2013 to identify and test best practices designed to increase awareness of organ and tissue donation and the number of people joining the state donor registry. In the month of December, one idea involved several MTS employees talking with license office customers reluctant to join the registry.

“Several times I spoke with customers, and it was very obvious that they were saying “no” because of a preconceived myth,” said MTS Donor Services Specialist Wendi Rose, who trains employees to speak with families about organ and tissue donation. “By asking a few questions, I was able to come to the root of the concern. I found several people who decided to join the registry after learning they had been given misinformation.”

Looking at improving business efficiency, Mid-America Transplant Services discovered an option to improve the customer service experience at the license office with an appointment-based system aimed at reducing time spent waiting at the license office. Visit to schedule an appointment today.

Mid-America Transplant Services continues to evaluate new innovative ideas at its three license offices. These best practices are shared with license offices throughout its service area because the organization is committed to saving more lives through organ and tissue donation. With more than 98 percent of donor registry enrollment occurring at the license office, MTS understands how important it is to increase donor designation for those waiting for a life-saving transplant.


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