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Posted February 13, 2014 in Donor Family News

Angela Johnson helped someone save a life on Wednesday. In fact, she helped 30 someones. A Donor Mom from St. Louis, Angela held an organ and tissue donor registry drive at St. Louis Community College-Forest Park on Wednesday and added 30 people to the registry in honor of her 16-year-old son, DaVon, who was a donor in 2001. The 30 people that signed up have the potential to save 240 lives and improve another 1800. Check out Angela’s inspirational story in the video at right.

The recently released 2012 National Survey of Organ Donation Attitudes and Behaviors´╗┐ revealed that only 39 percent of African-American adults had granted permission for organ donation on a driver’s license. The survey found overall 60.1 percent of U.S. adults have granted permission for organ and tissue donation on a driver’s license and almost 95 percent of adults in the United States support or strongly support donation. These numbers are important because they show a willingness to save a life through the selfless act of donation. However, with the waiting list for life-saving transplants continuing to grow, increasing the number of people willing to donate is critical.

One way to grow the donor registry is through a registry drive, like the one Angela organized. Registry drives promote organ and tissue donation and provide the opportunity to join a life-saving cause. MTS can assist in your efforts to host a registry drive by providing the tools to support your event, so you can save lives too.  

The survey data can be found at

Learn how to save a life and join the registry at


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