Dean F. Kappel named President Emeritus of Mid-America Transplant

Posted January 25, 2016 in News Category
0097webresRobert Bezanson, left, Chairman of the Mid-America Transplant Board of Directors, and Dr. Richard Ellerbrake, right, Chairman of the Mid-America Transplant Foundation Board of Directors, bestowed the title of President Emeritus on Dean F. Kappel at his retirement party in January.

Dean F. Kappel was named President Emeritus of Mid-America Transplant upon his retirement as President and Chief Executive Officer on February 1.  The distinction of Emeritus is often used in business to denote the perpetual status of an individual who led an organization to new heights. Kappel’s career at Mid-America Transplant is known for innovations and industry firsts, propelling the organization to national recognition.

He led the organization for almost 30 years. Kappel’s visionary leadership positioned Mid-America Transplant to be the first organ procurement organization (OPO) to recover organs and tissues at its own on-site surgical suite. This career-defining innovation subsequently has been adopted by several OPOs nationwide.

Other innovations under Kappel’s leadership include operating a DMV license office, on-site catheterization lab and CT scanner, and the first OPO to earn the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.  


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