Celebrating Blue & Green Day at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital

Posted April 21, 2017 in News Category
mt12103webresElvira McGee adds her name to the Wall of Honor.

The pride beams from Elvira McGee’s face as she talks about her cousin who was a donor in 2016. “He was 17,” she said. “He saved five people with his organs.” Elvira visited a organ and tissue donor registry drive hosted by SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital in partnership with Mid-America Transplant on Friday, which was National Blue & Green Day.

She added her name to the Wall of Honor, a growing collection of heart decals in which registered organ and tissue donors sign their name above the sentence, “I will give life.” As Elvira signed a heart, her sisters joined her at the table. They discussed if each had joined the registry. “I’m a donor,” Elvira said. “I’m excited to do that. My sisters say they are, but I want to be sure.”

Inspired by their cousin, Elvira’s sisters completed the Missouri Organ and Tissue Donor Registry form. All three placed signed hearts on the Wall of Honor.

mt12175webresFrank Carlino, right, joined Mid-America Transplant's Lindsey Shinn for a photo at a Blue & Green Day registry drive at SSM Saint Louis University Hospital on Friday.

A few minutes later, Frank Carlino inquisitively approached the registry table. “My dad had a transplant three weeks ago here at Saint Louis University Hospital,” he said. “He had a little set back, but he’s doing really good today. Really good.” Frank added his name to the Wall of Honor and took a few pictures at our photo booth, before returning to check on his father.

Saint Louis University Hospital administrators participated to show their support. Hospital representatives included Chief Operating Officer Gretchen Leiterman; Administrative Director of Transplant, Trauma and Hospital Service Lines Landon Ware; Transplant Surgeon Dr. Henry Randall; Transplant Program Manager Sherry Tenge; and Transplant Business Manager Aaron Weston. After adding their names to the Wall of Honor, they joined members of the transplant team for group pictures at our photo booth.

By the end of the day, more than 150 people joined the Wall of Honor on Friday. That could lead to 1,200 lives saved by organ donation and more than 7,500 lives impacted by tissue donation.    

mt12152webresAdministrators and transplant program leaders from SSM Saint Louis University Hospital joined Mid-America Transplant CEO Diane Brockmeier, right, for a picture to show their support for organ and tissue donation.

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