Celebrate Life 5K Run/Walk Weather Cancellation Policy

Celebrate Life 5K Run/Walk Weather Cancellation Policy

The safety of Celebrate Life 5K Run/Walk participants is the most important thing and if any of the threatening weather conditions listed below are present the day of the event, the event may be delayed or canceled.  When weather conditions or other physical conditions present a danger to participants, Mid-America Transplant officials maintain the right to cancel the event.  Less threatening conditions may cause alterations of the course or the post-event activities to ensure participant, volunteer, and community safety.  Such conditions fall under the label “Acts of God,” and will not result in refunding of any race entry fees or future event credits.

Threatening Weather Conditions
The Celebrate Life 5K Run/Walk may be canceled or delayed if any of the following weather conditions exist: Tornado Warning, Tornado Watch, Thunderstorm, “Heavy” Rain, or other major weather condition.

Start of the Race / Cancellation of the Event
The start of the event may be delayed one hour from the posted start time if any of the above mentioned conditions exist. The event may then be canceled if any of the weather conditions persist: Tornado Warning, Tornado Watch or Thunderstorm.

Authority to Cancel the Event
The Race Director, in accordance with the city and the local law enforcement, has the authority to cancel the event. If threatening weather conditions force cancellation of the event, no refunds can be provided, since funds were already spent in preparation for race day.

In the event of cancellation, all Celebrate Life 5K Run/Walk participants will receive an email with information on how they can still receive their participant race kit.

Broadcast of Cancellation

If event is canceled, we will notify all participants by email. A cancellation post will be made on the Mid-America Transplant website, Facebook, and Twitter pages, as well.