Mid-America Transplant Eye Bank

The Mid-America Transplant Eye Bank provides a complete range of services.

mt12236webresMid-America Transplant’s Eye Bank is a full-service eye bank providing physicians, ophthalmic surgeons and other eye banks with a complete range of evaluation/screening, processing, storage, and distribution services. For more than 25 years, Mid-America Transplant has provided corneas and sclera for local, domestic, and international recipients.

Our Services

As a full-service eye bank, Mid-America provides high quality transplantation services from screening to processing and DSAEK and DMAEK preparation. Our comprehensive services – from initial donor screening to distribution – occur in one location with an advanced laboratory dedicated solely to eye bank services. The extensive range of services available at Mid-America and the standards of quality, reliability and convenience make us the ideal provider for eye tissue transplantation services. 

Mid-America Transplant’s Eye Bank provides corneal tissue for both lamellar keratoplasty and penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) as well as DSAEK (Descemet’s Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty) and DMAEK (Descement’s Membrane Automated Endothelial Kepatoplasty) prepared to your surgical specifications. For surgeons specifying pre-cut corneal tissue for a DSAEK procedure, our highly trained and skilled technicians provide customized orientation markings to aid in grafting accuracy and reduce surgical and procedure time.

118a0789webresScleral Allografts
Scleral tissue is available in a variety of sizes (quarter, half, and whole) to meet any surgical need. The scleral tissue is stored in a 95 percent ethyl alcohol (ETOH) preservative.

Our Facility

The state-of-the-art Mid-America Transplant location has dedicated eye banking administrative, laboratory, and clinical areas with advanced technology and highly trained staff. Our lab offers the latest equipment and the clinical expertise of certified staff.

Mid-America’s Eye Bank staff includes Eye Bank Association of America certified eye bank technicians who provide the highest levels of quality. The experienced and highly skilled staff includes:

  • Anthony J. Lubniewski, MD, Medical Director 
    Washington University School of Medicine
  • Andrew J.W. Huang, MD, Ph.D, Associate Medical Director
    Washington University School of Medicine 
  • Sean Edelstein, MD, Associate Medical Director
    Saint Louis University Eye Institute
  • Augustine Hong, MD, Associate Medical Director
    Washington University School of Medicine 
  • Norma Giaraffa, CEBT, COT, OSA, Lead Ocular Coordinator

The Eye Bank is further supported by the expertise of the medical and clinical staff of Mid-America Transplant, the regional organ, tissue, and eye procurement organization.

meegalehudley-23webresMeegale received a vision-saving cornea transplant in 2008 and is now able to see his children grow.

Recipient/Donor Connection

Mid-America Transplant is accustomed to facilitating recipient requests to write and thank the donor family. Mid-America provides this service for cornea and sclera recipients who desire to follow up with donor families to express gratitude for the gift they have received from the donor family’s loved one. Confidentiality is maintained on both sides, but many recipients write a letter of thanks that is forwarded to the donor family without identifying information.

Choose the Mid-America Transplant Eye Bank

The Eye Bank is dedicated to the standards upon which the transplantation field relies: safety, reliability, availability, and, above all, excellence in clinical services. With our full range of eye tissue services and a 24-hour call center, the Mid-America Transplant Eye Bank can provide the eye tissue transplantation services you need when you need them.

For tissue requests, more information about our services, or to speak with an Eye Bank staff member, contact Mid-America Transplant at:

Phone: 314.735.8233
Fax: 314.754.1786
Email: eyebank@midamericatransplant.org