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2020 Rose Parade Floragraph Portraits
Since 2004, the Donate Life Rose Parade Float inspires participants and their families to celebrate the gift of life.
Jessica Browne-Carlson, Donor Family
Telling your family you’re an organ donor gives them the gift of knowing and helps carry out your wishes.
honoring loved ones during the holiday season
Your loved one’s story doesn’t end with their passing. Here are nine ways you can honor your loved one this holiday season
This will be the largest randomized controlled study to evaluate the efficacy of thyroid hormone treatment in organ donor management. By collaborating across multiple OPOs, it will be able to enroll an adequate number of donors and be powered to definitively answer the critical question of whether intravenous thyroxine treatment increases hearts transplanted and/or provides hemodynamic benefits for donor management.
Mid-America Transplant Research
New process developed by Mid-America Transplant could save more organs
Family House Signage
Mid-America Transplant is building a Family House for families awaiting transplant
Donate Life Umbrella
Saving lives is one of the top reasons to become an organ & tissue donor. Here are 10 more reasons to say ‘yes’ to donation.
Sharon Bushey, Corneal Transplant Recipient
Mid-America Transplant is shedding light on those who give the gift of sight during the month of November
Donor Sabbath
Organ donation and religion: what are the religious views on organ donation?
Alicia Living Donation Recipient Candidate
What is living donation? Three types of living donation that offer another choice for transplant candidates.