Donor Family Quilt

A Guide for Designing Your Quilt Square

quilt-lo-res-bjsYou can create a memorial tribute to your loved one by designing and submitting a square for our donor family quilt. The Mid-America Transplant Donor Family Quilt is made up of squares created for donors from our service area only and is usually displayed at our sponsored events.

How do I design a quilt square?
The design can represent all of the things that best describe your loved one. You can personalize it to represent your loved one’s hobbies and interest and other things that he/she loved most. Or, you can design it to include your own expressions for the individual.

Your creation can be made by cross-stitch, applique, computer art, silk-screen, paint, drawing, or any other method that you can devise; there are no limitations on how you can go about creating your square. Feel free to include laminated photographs, date of birth, date of death, poems, quotations, pictures, or anything else that helps to express your thoughts. Please include the donor’s name somewhere on the square.

mg0900Does the quilt square have to be a particular size?
Your creation should be submitted on a 10-inch by 10-inch piece of fabric. The designer should leave a one-inch margin all the way around the design (the design is actually 8x8). This will allow for your square to be quilted with others without interfering with your design.

Should I include anything in writing?
We suggest that you also include a brief narrative that describes your creation. You may include information about the donor, cause of death, expressions of faith, or whatever you feel is appropriate. The narrative is placed in a book that accompanies the quilt when it is displayed for others to read.

Click here to download a printable copy of the Quilt Square Packet.