A Heart of Gold Is Passed on

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Brett Holmes , Donor

A Heart of Gold Is Passed on

Posted March 17, 2017


brettBrett David Michael Holmes was not your typical 26-year-old. He was an entrepreneur who owned his own successful business, a loving husband, son, grandson, brother, uncle and friend to almost anyone who ever met him. Brett had a huge heart and an upbeat personality which instantly drew you in.

Brett grew up in rural Illinois with his loving parents and 4 younger sisters who he was extremely protective over. He played baseball and football when he was young and was a member of Future Farmers of America in high school. When he was not in school, he spent most of his free time on adventures with his friends. If you ask any of his friends, they will tell you most of their fun memories happened with Brett and there were only good times with him.  

After high school, at just 18 years old, he met the love of his life and future wife, Andrea (me!), and began what would be a short, but yet jammed-packed lifetime full of loving and wonderful memories together. Brett lived his life as one adventure after another, which I will continue to do myself, in his memory. Between date nights, frequenting amusement parks, travelling the country and cruising the Caribbean, our life together was one that most average married couples who have been together 50+ years don’t even get to experience. We loved each other so much in those 8 short years and promised to be together forever. Sometimes, though, forever can be a lot shorter than you think. 

We could not be more proud that he has since saved so many lives and helped many people.

Shortly after high school, he became a member of the American Motorcycle Association and started dirt bike racing. He had enjoyed being on a dirt bike pretty much since he could remember. Over the years, he moved up in racing class levels and accumulated over 60 trophies and awards, and even a championship. He always said his 2 true loves in life were me and his dirt bike. Along with travelling and dirt bike racing, he enjoyed so many things in life. A few being: playing golf and pool, boating and jet skiing, going to our church on Sundays, spending time with his family and friends, playing with his niece and nephews, and with his dog, Zeus, and cats, Salem and Sonic. 

When he was 21, Brett started his own mowing service and each year, gained more and more clients. In 2014, he turned it into an all-around outdoor services business, naming it Ideal Lawn & Landscape, Inc. He took classes, seminars and did an extreme amount of research to become the best landscape and hardscape contractor in the area. He gained the knowledge to put himself ahead of other competitive companies in the area and was all about 100% quality if he was going to put his name on it. Brett gained a huge business following from not only clients in the local and surrounding area, but other businessmen and professionals, as well. Most of his clients could not believe he was the owner when he came to talk to them because he was so young. After talking to him though, it did not take long for anyone to realize that he certainly knew his stuff and after the jobs were completed, word traveled quickly that he was the best. 

On September 4, 2016, Brett was injured in a go-kart accident and was air-lifted to Saint Louis University Hospital, where we were told that his injuries were not survivable and he was officially declared dead, early the next morning on September 5th. Brett had previously registered to become an organ donor and we, his family, could not be more proud that he has since saved so many lives and helped many people. Helping people is just what Brett did in life, and now death. He had a heart of gold which made you love him as soon as you met him. To know his heart of gold was passed on to save a life is truly remarkable and we feel blessed to know his extraordinary life lives on in so many ways. 

-Andrea Holmes

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