A Special Angel Now Watching Over Clayton

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Tammy Booher, Donor

A Special Angel Now Watching Over Clayton

Posted October 2, 2012

tammy-booherTammy Booher

My daughter passed away at age 50 on January 29. It was such a shock to all but especially my three-year-old great-grandson, Clayton!

They had such a close relationship and adored each other.  She lived next door to me, so Clayton would spend a lot of time with her.

She brought him presents every once in awhile and hid them in my clothes dryer. When he would come, he would always look for his surprise.

He writes her sticky notes and sticks them on my dryer all the time, telling her things he would like and how much he loves and misses her. He wrote that he wants his Papa to build a stairway to heaven so he can go up and visit her!

He knows in his little mind she is in heaven now, is an angel, and watches over him all the time.  It is so precious.

He will be out riding his bicycle and holler at me and say “Mamaw, come quick. There is Aunt Tammy on that cloud that just went by, and she waved. She loves me so much, and I miss her so much.”

His birthday was May 13, and he had been to Chuck E Cheese with his friends for his birthday on May 10.  They stopped at my house on the way home, and he ran and looked in the dryer. Clayton started crying, and his Mom asked, “Clayton, what is wrong?” He said, “I can’t believe Aunt Tammy forgot my birthday!” She quickly explained his birthday wasn’t for a couple more days, and there would be something from her. He was so excited when his present was there.

What a beautiful relationship they had and it tears at our heart strings every time he talks about her. And he talks about her all the time. Clayton will always end with: “I can’t wait till I go to heaven and see my special Aunt Tammy.”

— Carolyn Booher

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