A "Thank You" to Recipients

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David Tubbs, Donor

A "Thank You" to Recipients

Posted September 27, 2011



david tubbsDavid Tubbs

My name is GeorgAnn. I would like to start out by saying “thank you.” My thank you is to the families that received my son’s organs and tissues after his passing on December 24, 2006. The reason I say thank you to them is because I hear all the time “thank you for making the hard decision to donate your young man’s organs and tissues.” But no one ever thinks about thanking the families that get the gift. I have to say thank you to them because they are not only living their lives but they are also letting those that gave up their lives to live too (maybe in just a small way).

Now I am going to tell you a bit about my son David. He was 17 years old when he passed on Christmas Eve. David was a football player and loved playing the guitar, video games and hanging with his friends. But he wanted to join the Marines when he graduated from high school.

He was worried about getting over into a war zone, dying and not being able to donate his organs to save one that could be saved by him and help them live a longer, or at least a better, life. He was still set on going into the service to serve his country. When he was a very young baby, I had a premonition that we would lose David at a young age in a war. I did not know that it would have been a war at home.

David was a normal teenager. He got into fights with his brother and sister and, yes, from time to time with us, his parents. But he had a heart of gold. Not many 17-year-old boys would hop out of the car at school, give his mom a kiss and tell her he loved her in front of people, but he did. He would protect anyone that needed it.

What took my sons life was a bad choice and someone talking him into something that took him from us on Christmas Eve. I know as a family we all struggled and still struggle with this. But something told me this was God’s will because David wanted to protect his country and wanted to protect those that needed it here at home. I believe God took him on the day before we celebrated his own son’s birth just so David could fulfill his wishes.

So I have to say “thank you” to those that received David’s kidneys, eyes, tissues and bones for letting my son live on through you.

Thank you,



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