Abby's Purpose Was Bigger Than We Could Have Imagined

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Abby Lynn Cecena, Donor

Abby's Purpose Was Bigger Than We Could Have Imagined

Posted February 4, 2015


Abby Lynn Cecena was caring, smart, stubborn as a bull, and could always discover a way to find the good in even the most negative situations. At just 16 years old, she was already a force of nature. Abby was blessed with a beautiful smile and an amazing singing voice that captivated all. She was involved in many activities, but her favorite was drama club.

Abby died on August 7, 2012, from a head injury sustained in a car accident. She always aspired to become an organ donor, but could not officially register because she was only 16. She was very passionate about organ donation and frustrated that she could not make the choice for herself. Fortunately, Abby’s family knew how much it meant to her and when the time came, they did not hesitate to honor her wishes.

Abby’s organ donations reached far beyond her small town to people from around the country. Her gifts have brought tremendous comfort to her grieving family.

“Every person’s life has a purpose. Abby’s purpose was much bigger than we could have ever imagined.” - Tammy Cecena, Mother of Abby Cecena

During the 2013 Candlelight Memorial Ceremony hosted by Mid-America Transplant Services in St. Louis, Abby’s mother spotted a couple who looked oddly familiar. The woman was Abby’s right kidney recipient whom Tammy recognized from the photos the families had exchanged. Abby’s family has also met her heart recipient.

“We no longer view Abby’s death as a tragedy but as a way to inspire others to become organ donors,” said Tammy. “Abby’s legacy and spirit will continue to thrive through those who received her organ donations as well as everyone who was inspired by her infectious passion for life itself.”


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