Five Lives Saved By One Generous Hero

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Christopher "Blake" White, Donor

Five Lives Saved By One Generous Hero

Posted January 4, 2011


blake-1-304x234Christopher “Blake” White, the youngest of Nancy Trapp’s three children and her only son, is her everyday hero. “He inspires those who knew him on a daily basis,” said Nancy. Blake accomplished just about everything he set out to do. At 19, Blake had mastered the skill of being a Hibachi Chef at Nakato Japanese Restaurant in Springfield, Missouri.

“Blake was best at being a friend,” said Nancy. His friends started a MySpace page for him, and it includes words that Nancy wrote about Blake. “It helps that Blake’s friends honor and remember him this way. His friends call and visit often. It helps all of us stay connected, not only to each other, but to Blake, too.”

On New Years Day, 2008, Blake, 20, set out on his Yamaha sport bike. He slipped on ice less than a block from home. Nancy received a call from Cox South Hospital in Springfield, Missouri, that Blake was badly hurt. Family and friends came together and prayed for four days before they had to let Blake go.

Nancy remembered talking to Blake, not long before, about a friend’s sister who needed a kidney transplant. Blake stated that “if anything were to happen to me, give all my ‘parts’ away.” Blake saved five lives that day.

blake-315wBlake pictured here with his mom, Nancy

Nancy said, The gift of life has been very special to me. I can go into the good and bad emotions from this experience, but most of all I feel fortunate to have been able to give life on Blake’s behalf. Knowing that others are alive and enjoying life because of Blake’s donation makes his life even more important.”

To honor Blake, the family started the Blake White Memorial Foundation, which helps families who lose children, by helping them to purchase memorial markers. Blake’s family also nominated him for the Greater Ozarks Chapter of the Red Cross and the KY3 Broadcasting Company’s Everyday Hero Award.

“In spite of the pain we feel and how much we miss him, it is comforting and healing to celebrate his life every day. Blake will never be forgotten by anyone he has ever touched.”

Blake’s family attended the 2011 Rose Parade where a floragraph with Blake’s photo was featured on the Donate Life float. Click here to read the full story in our Newsroom.

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