Dakota was a caring, giving person

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Dakota Wildhaber, Donor

Dakota was a caring, giving person

Posted February 29, 2016


dakota-wildhaberDakota was fun, loving and caring 17 year old. He never met a stranger. He liked everyone no matter what race, color or gender.  In school he was considered a class clown.  He kept everyone laughing. Dakota was also very protective of his family and friends.  He did not like to see anyone hurting.

Dakota received his drivers license at the age of 16.  When we went to process the license, the staff asked him if he wanted to be a donor. 

“Dakota made a selfless
decision to be a donor.” 

I had no influence on his decision. This proves what a caring giving person he was.

Dakota had a great passion for basketball.  He played everyday and would practice all of the time.  He enjoyed teaching the younger kids in our neighborhood how to play the game.  Little kids loved him. 

In April 2015, Dakota tragically died from suicide. Even in his death, he is still helping others to live a better life with bone and tissue donations.  I am very proud to call him my son.

-Terri Wildhaber, Dakota’s mom

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