Lived Life with Love in his Heart

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Darren Michael Cox, Donor

Lived Life with Love in his Heart

Posted October 28, 2014


darren-cox-photoWelcomed into our world on April 25, 1967
Returned home to God December 20,2010

Darren is a brother to seven siblings, youngest son to our parents, and a dad to one daughter, Alexa Rae. His nickname was Blue Eyes and he was one of those people that truly lived life with love in his heart. Although Alexa’s mom was always in the picture, Darren raised her as a single dad. He was very dedicated and extremely proud of his little girl. He was looking forward to seeing her graduate from high school but was not given that opportunity. He was called home in December 2010; she graduated in May of 2011.

Darren coached basketball, ran marathons, was an umpire and looked forward to new adventures. On Alexa’s 16th birthday, he took her up in a hot air balloon. He gave of his time to the Men’s Club, donated hours to help others in need and never said no when asked to assist. Darren’s heart stopped beating the week of Christmas in 2010. The weekend before he went home, we were all together to celebrate our mom’s birthday. We had Nikko Smith join us in singing Happy Birthday to her; we were blessed to have taken many photos of Darren and the rest of our family at that event.

His nickname was Blue Eyes and he was one of those people that truly lived life with love in his heart. 


On December 20, 2010 at approximately 4:10 am, I received the call to get to the hospital. His daughter’s mom and I were the first family members to arrive; we had the honor of going in to be with him as he took his last breath. When they told us they could do no more, I had the opportunity to hold his hand, whisper in his ear and say a prayer as they ceased CPR and then said those fatal words, ”Time of death”.

I knew that the worst was yet to come as I needed to inform the rest of the family including Mom and Dad and his little girl. However, when the folks from MTS came to speak with me regarding his wishes of being a Donor, things began to change. I began to understand with more clarity, the cycle of life. They talked to me about how things work, what they would be doing and who I could contact with any questions or concerns. The people working for MTS are amazing and gracious people. They were gentle, informative and loving.

We are a family of strong Faith and know we will see Darren again. Although his body is no longer here for our hugs, his soul is always with us. He will forever live in our hearts and our minds. A bench and tree have been placed in his honor in Francis Park, donated by those friends who know and love him as we do.

For those who have received the gift of life through the donations of Darren and others like him, I ask that you understand and appreciate how blessed you are. So many people have received donations from Darren including a baby of three months who is alive and with his family still. They were given a second chance and that is a precious gift. Please use this gift wisely, love with all your heart, live each day with purpose and reason and always, always give thanks to God as well as to those who donated and made this all possible!!

 We Love You Darren, UTHABA
(Up To Heaven And Back Again)
Your Family

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