Grandma Messy is "Our Christmas Angel"

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Deborah Wilson, Donor

Grandma Messy is "Our Christmas Angel"

Posted December 17, 2013


img0052croppedMy mom. What can I say? I don’t think I can be more proud of her than I have been that last three years. Deborah Wilson, hard headed, stubborn, full of love, and laughter. A wonderful mother and even better grandmother.

My mom. She was so funny. Always finding laughter in any situation. Even after a stroke nearly took her from me and left her paralyzed, she found humor in it. Once describing herself as, “always walking like a drunk.”  She needed help bathing, dressing and sometimes eating but soon made a quick recovery.

It was 2006 when she found out that she was expecting her first grandchild. She didn’t care whether it was a boy or girl, but secretly she wanted a girl. The day she became a grandma was the highlight of her life she would say. She was so proud. I don’t think that I have ever seen her so happy. Abigail soon named her “Messy.” Abby called her this because I was always telling my mom that she was messy because she would always leaves messes behind after her. So Abby quickly thought that this was her name. No grandma for this lady; She would forever be called “Messy.”

Christmas night 2010 was when God called her home. After a beautiful Christmas spent with family she passed away surrounded by that same family in the hospital emergency room. She suffered a brain aneurism. There was no stopping it.

5870515595462394691688976nI knew that very moment when they asked me about donating her organs that I could help her make one of the best decisions of her life. I knew that she would want to help others in this perfect way.

My mom. Best friend. She wore many hats. Paramedic, nurse, teacher, boo boo fixer, Angel, daughter, aunt but the best hat she ever wore…Abigail’s Messy. Always and forever a part of life. Our Christmas Angel. Thank you for letting me share her story.

— Erin K. Howell


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