"Smiley" loved family, friends, outdoors and gardening

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Gregory Wayne Mehochko, Donor

"Smiley" loved family, friends, outdoors and gardening

Posted July 22, 2013


beautiful-gregOur son, Gregory Wayne Mehochko, born January 4, 1977, was our youngest of two sons. He and his older brother, Guy, were not only brothers, but best friends. He was close to his sister-in-law. His four-year-old niece, Lorali Rose, was the love of his life. She would come over on weekends, and Greg had moved back home with me, so he would teach Lorali songs — their favorite, “Stuck Like Glue.” They would have to have a popsicle together; it had to be striped Jolly Rancher popsicles. Greg was also proud of his new baby nephew, Jack.  

Greg’s friends all called him Smiley. He was so full of life and touched so many family members and friends. He had a heart of gold and would give someone the shirt off his back. He always treated his parents with respect. He loved his golden retriever, Rusty, and his new little white lab, Snowy. All ages of people loved him, from babies, children and adults. He loved the outdoors, loved to hunt, fish, and ride his four wheeler. He  loved to work out in his garden after work, and was the best zucchini and cucumber grower in St. Clair County. Greg was a very quiet and shy guy, never caused any trouble, and he made us so proud of him. He loved playing baseball and soccer in school, and was a very good athlete. He loved his job as a laborer and construction worker, and  hanging out with his friends.

He had a heart of gold and
would give someone the shirt off his back. 

He touched the lives of so many, as we could see this as he laid in the hospital; he was never alone. His hunting buddies who knew him since grade school, his construction worker buddies, friends, relatives, and even nurses, were visiting him constantly. As one of his nurses told me, to see grown men and women cry, it showed what a wonderful man he had to be. As Mom and Dad, we were so blessed by God, to be given a son as beautiful and wonderful as him, and we are left with so many beautiful memories.

On January 23rd, I was at work and received a phone call from my older son, Guy, that Greg had been hurt at work. He had been electrocuted. His Dad was already at the hospital when we arrived. While Greg was pouring concrete, someone hit a power line, and Greg was electrocuted. We spent from January 23, 2013 until February 12, 2013 at the hospital until he passed away. I miss him so much, and he took a part of my heart with him to Heaven. It gives me a bit of peace knowing he was a donor to maybe be able to help someone else and so a part of Greg may live on.

Nancy J. Mehochko
Greg’s Mom


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