He Had A Big Heart

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Larry Hoskins, Donor

He Had A Big Heart

Posted June 2, 2011


hoskins-315w-5cqLarry loved life and he loved God first and loved the outdoors and flowers. We had a beautiful yard, every spring and summer the grass was always green to the touch and flowers everywhere. He knew I loved roses especially yellow ones being from Texas and all. He made sure he planted plenty of those to view from all angles of our home. Not to mention every other color.

He was a father to three wonderful children and a grandfather to eight amazing grand kids. Larry was a big animal lover and at one given time we had 11 dogs…whew.  Now, I am down to seven and they miss him as much as I do.

“There was no stranger to him and he had opened our home to many.”

He had a big heart and would help anyone. There was no stranger to him and he had opened our home to many. He loved to read his Bible and when his eye sight got bad he would listen to it on DVD.


Barb Hoskins

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