A Helpful, Lovable Teddy Bear

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Scott Laschober, Donor, Donor Family

A Helpful, Lovable Teddy Bear

Posted October 4, 2011


2001-graduationScott Laschober was like a lovable teddy bear. At 6-foot-2 and 200 pounds, his mom June remembers every time he walked up the stairs, he would make the dishes in the cabinets across the kitchen rattle.

Scott was an Eagle Scout. His friends remember him always helping one of his friends, and that it made him happy to help others. When Scott’s friends shared that with June and Scott’s dad Bob after a tragic accident that took Scott’s life, it helped his parents make the decision to donate his organs.

Scott was involved in a traffic accident on the afternoon of May 9, 2005. Scott’s parents and two brothers went to the hospital to be with Scott, who was unconscious but breathing with a ventilator. Other than a bloody nose, he didn’t have a bruise or cut.

More than 50 people visited the family in the hospital. 

For Bob and June, the decision to donate Scott’s organs was easy. He was a healthy 22-year-old, and he always wanted to help others.

“It made sense to us to let Scott continue to help others by donating his organs and tissue,” June said.

Scott helped four organ recipients with his heart, liver and two kidneys. He also donated tissue.

“Before Scott’s death, I had heard of organ donation,” June said. “I gave it some passing thought, and I wondered how I would react if I was ever confronted with donation. I really did not know. However, when we were presented with the idea of donating Scott’s organ and tissue, Bob and I found it to be the easiest decision. I would ask each of you to consider organ donation, and to complete an organ donor registration form.”

Today, June wears a green Donate Life bracelet to remember her son. It also provides an avenue to share the benefits of organ and tissue donation to people who may not otherwise be exposed to the information.

Since her son’s accident, June’s family organizes a fundraiser around Scott’s birthday. The event usually includes dinner and bowling, with the proceeds going to MTS.  

“We started it to give us something to keep us busy and occupied around his birthday and to do something positive for his birthday instead of sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves,” she says. “A lot of my son’s friends still come, and it’s fun for us to get to still see them.”

Shortly after she started volunteering with MTS, June was connected to donation again. She was in a car accident that caused neck and shoulder pain. While chiropractic care was providing immediate relief, it wasn’t lasting. She visited a surgeon who discovered a bulging disk.

The doctor said treatment included removing the disk and using donor tissue to fuse the vertebrae. 

“When the spinal surgeon asked me if I had any problems with tissue donation,” June says, “I proudly held up my wrist and green bracelet and said, ‘I fully support organ and tissue donation.’”


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