The Sweetest Love

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Joseph Samuel Boland, Donor

The Sweetest Love

Posted May 26, 2011


I have a memory of the sweetest love on earth,
all beginning on the day of your birth.
Holding you in my arms,
you suckling at my breast,
loving you put my heart to the test.
Life gave us obstacles, overcoming them helped us to grow.
I loved you more, than I ever let you know.
I shared it all with you:
the happy, the sad, the pain and the joy.
Always so proud of my growing little boy.
You came into my life,
to myself and others, you gave so much.
Did you know all the lives you would touch?
Remembering you smile,
and your beautiful blue eyes.
I’m learning now - you were an angel in disguise.

I felt my heart breaking,
as I gazed down upon your face.
I asked God “please, leave him and take me in his place”.
It’s so hard to believe,
but the truth need not be spoken,
this mother knows why her heart is broken.
I want time to reverse -
to change things to where they should be,
except for loving you and you loving me.

Somehow you found a way,
to give me strength, even as the end drew near.
We took away another mother’s fear.
Parts of your strong body
have given others a chance,
to enjoy life: to sing, to laugh, to dance.
You loved life completely!
Now others know and enjoy life each day
for you wouldn’t have had it any other way!

In memory of my son, Joseph Samuel Boland, born 2-24-82, died 11-1-99. I will miss you all the days of my life, and I will love you even longer!

Kimberly Mount

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