Communicating with Organ Recipients

After Donation Occurs - The Gift of Organ Donation


  • Families receive a letter 5 to 6 weeks after the donation containing general information about each recipient, including the age and gender, and in some cases information about their families and interests.
  • If you choose to contact the organ recipient with information about your loved one, you may send written correspondence to Mid America Transplant. We will then forward your correspondence to the appropriate transplant center. The transplant center will forward your letter or card to the recipient. Mid America Transplant has no direct contact with the organ recipients. Due to the forwarding process, please allow several weeks for your correspondence to be received by the recipients.
  • Mid America Transplant has created correspondence guidelines to assist you in initiating communication with recipients, they are available here. 
  • If organ recipients choose to contact the donor family, they send their correspondence through the transplant center who then forwards it to Mid America Transplant. We will forward any communication received by the recipient family to you, the donor family.