Through the Foundation Mid-America Transplant has the opportunity to help more people in the communities we serve.

The Mid-America Transplant charitable foundation provides enhanced support to transplant patients, donor families and the community. The foundation seeks to reduce the need for organ and tissue transplantation; increase the availability of organs and tissues for those who need them; and to improve the lives of recipients and donor families. In addition, the foundation provides programming, sponsors partnerships and provides community wellness grants to organizations that support its mission.

Communities and lives are strengthened through collaboration to reduce organ failure.

Improving health in our community through disease prevention, education and successful transplantation.

Innovation:  We embrace new possibilities and pioneered new horizons.
Collaboration:  We help align resources in our community to facilitate change.
Integrity:  We work for fair and equal opportunity.
Stewardship:  We commit to responsible and strategic use of our resources.
Compassion:  We demonstrate our concern for others in our actions and support.

Learn more about current foundation programs:

Mid-America Transplant Family House