Cheyenne and Harrison heart recipients

big and small.

Honoring heroes at Mid-America Transplant scrapbook workshop

the gift of life.

Tissue recipient Jeff celebrating life

big and small

Transplant recipient Nikki celebrating life

big and small.

Honoring Heroes at Candlelight Memorial Ceremony

the gift of life.

Today, 114,000 people are waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Thousands more are in need of tissue or corneal transplants to restore health. You can inspire hope for these patients and their families by signing up for the organ and tissue donor registry.

Every day, we work to ensure that organs and tissues are always available to those in need and that every family that wants to donate has the chance to do so.

Highlight background Gavin
Highlight foreground Gavin

Inspired by big dreams.

Born with a genetic disease, Gavin was in need of a new liver. While on the waiting list, he and his family stayed at Mid-America Transplant Family House to be closer to transplant centers in St. Louis. After receiving a new liver, Gavin is back home where he dreams of becoming a pilot who delivers transplants to recipients.


The incredible generosity of donors and their families touched the lives of thousands of people in need.

Organs Transplanted

These lives were saved through the gifts of 196 generous organ donors.

Tissues for Transplant

Gifts from local donors provided thousands of opportunities to treat disease, restore mobility, and extend life.

Corneas for Transplant

With these vision-restoring donations, patients in our region and beyond will be able to see the moments that make life special.

Highlight background Meegale

Inspired by the gift of sight.

Meegale, father of three, suffered from a progressive eye disease that threatened his vision. A corneal transplant gave Meegale and his family the gift of sight so he’ll never miss a milestone.

Highlight Sisters

Inspired by the strength of sisters.

Sisters Abbi and Kate were born with a rare genetic disorder that leads to liver and kidney dysfunction. After a long wait, both girls received lifesaving transplants and are back to a happy, healthy life together.