Gavin Maxwell


Gavin was diagnosed with alpha one antitrypsin deficiency when he was one year old. He received a lifesaving liver transplant and new beginning in March 2015. While receiving post-transplant care, he and his family stayed at the Mid-America Transplant Family House, which allows families to be together when it's most important.

Just a few months after Gavin received his lifesaving transplant as a 10-year-old, he joined his friends on the playground on his first day back at school. Since then, he has inspired others through his activity in school, soccer, basketball, and refereeing football.

In 2017, Gavin represented Wyoming as a transplant recipient at the Transplant Patient Summit in Washington D.C. The conference helps participants become transplant ambassadors and empower them to advocate for the field of transplantation. Today, Gavin aspires to be a pilot and would even like to deliver lifesaving organs to recipients one day.