What We Do

Innovating to Save Lives

We are improving organ and tissue donation to save even more lives. Our approach is designed to support families, patients and our community while providing high-quality organs and tissues for transplant.

We build community.
Grief Support

We are here for donor families.

Our team is compassionate and genuinely cares for donor families who are coping with an incredible loss. We not only help them navigate the donation decision, but are truly there for them for as long as they need us, providing grief workshops, our Donor Family Facebook Group, and a team to turn to on hard days, whether that means a hug, a phone call on the birthday of a lost loved one, or words of encouragement.
Registering Donors

We work to build awareness of organ and tissue donation.

By spreading awareness of the importance of donation, we educate and encourage more people to sign up for the donor registry, increasing the chances that patients waiting will get the transplants they need.
Medical Partnerships

We collaborate with medical professionals across our region.

Our staff works with 124 hospitals, four transplant centers, as well as medical examiners and coroners throughout the region to ensure that every family that wants to donate their loved one’s organs and tissues has the opportunity to do so. We build these relationships by offering educational programs, working to understand each organization’s unique challenges, and recognizing their lifesaving accomplishments.
We facilitate organ and tissue donation.
Precise Timing & Processes

We save more lives in our state-of-the-art facility.

As the first organization of our kind to open an onsite organ and tissue recovery facility, we are able to provide even more high-quality organs, tissues, and corneas for transplant. Here, our highly trained staff applies the principles of evidence-based critical care medicine to gain precise control over the timing, quality, and reliability of transplant services.
In-house Laboratory

We perform extensive tests to screen donors for infectious disease.

With an onsite laboratory, we can perform high-quality tests right in our own facility. Our technicians carefully check for infectious disease and match donors with potential recipients.
Compassionate Recovery

We manage donors with respect and expertise.

Before beginning the recovery process, our team holds a moment of silence, reading words and prayers provided by the donor family as an expression of their love. Working under the guidance of our chief medical officer, our critical care nurses and tissue specialists manage donor care to ensure that organ and tissue donations are healthy and safe.
We are stewards of a lifesaving gift.
A Helping Hand

We support donor families, transplant families, and our community.

Our team runs Mid-America Transplant Family House, a comfortable, affordable home away from home for patients and families who must travel to St. Louis to be closer to transplant centers. We also provide grants to organizations that support our mission, from community wellness initiatives seeking to reduce the need for transplantation to grief support programs.
Honoring Donors

We commemorate the courage of donors and their families.

Lifesaving transplants would not be possible without the generosity of the donor and donor family. We honor these gifts and help families celebrate their memories through memorial ceremonies, remembrance workshops, and the Celebrate Life 5K Run/Walk.
Clinical Innovation Fund

We are funding breakthroughs in transplant science.

The Clinical Innovation Fund supports research projects seeking to improve the outcomes of donation and transplantation in the next three to five years. These research initiatives will undoubtedly impact transplant patients and their families, providing hope and innovation for years to come.

Year in Review

2023 Impact

The incredible generosity of donors touched the lives of thousands of recipients in need of organ and tissue transplants.

Organs Transplanted

Gifts from local donors saved hundreds of lives, making life's most important moments possible for patients in our region and beyond.

Corneas for Transplant

With these vision-restoring donations, patients in our region and beyond will be able to see the moments that make life special.

Tissues for Transplant

Gifts from local donors provided thousands of opportunities to treat disease, restore mobility, and extend life.

Paths of Honor

An inspiring, emotional moment when family, friends, and staff line the hospital halls to honor a hero who chose to donate.

Remembrance Event Attendees

Hundreds of donor families paid tribute to their loved ones at remembrance events hosted by Mid-America Transplant.

Family House Guests

We welcomed 98 patients and families to Family House, a home away from home for those who must relocate to St. Louis for care.