Five Ways You Can Help Those Waiting for A Lifesaving Transplant

Published March 28, 2019 in Mid-America Transplant | Community

With nearly 114,000 people waiting for a lifesaving transplant, we at Mid-America Transplant are inspired by those who give hope to transplant patients. We’re inspired by every day moments. We’re inspired by moments that matter. We are inspired by life.

For those 114,000 people waiting, you can provide hope, and you can inspire others to provide hope. Here are five ways you can inspire.

  1. Register to Be A Donor. This simple act – this heroic decision – lets those waiting for a lifesaving transplant know that people are willing to help them. And registration takes less than one minute. That’s one minute to give hope to 114,000 people today. Click here to join the organ and tissue donor registry.
  2. Talk to Your Family. After you’ve joined the registry, be sure to tell your family. Let them know of your wishes so they know how important this decision is to you.
  3. Join Our Social Media Community. Ninety-five percent of Americans support organ donation, but only 58 percent are registered. By joining our social media, you’ll have the latest inspiring pictures, videos, and stories to share with your family and friends. Get involved by spreading the word! We're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!
  4. Take Your Decision On The Road. More than 95 percent of people on the registry joined at a license office. In Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas – the three states in Mid-America Transplant’s service area – residents can include a special symbol on their driver’s license designating their decision. You can also order Donate Life specialty plates in those three states! You may inspire someone to be a donor in the parking lot at the grocery store!
  5. Share Your Story. Whether you’re a patient waiting for a transplant, a transplant recipient, a donor family, a living donor, or family and friends of transplant patients, you can share how organ and tissue donation and transplantation have touched your life. Click here to share your story on our website, and we may select your story to be featured on our social media channels!

There it is! Five ways you can inspire others and provide hope to nearly 114,000 transplant patients waiting for a lifesaving gift.

Kidney recipient Venus reading in a St. Louis park.

Venus received a lifesaving kidney transplant allowing her to enjoy a good book in a beautiful park.