November is National Eye Donation Month!

Published October 28, 2019 in Mid-America Transplant | Community
Alice Walsh, mother of donor

November 2019 is Eye Donation Month, and Mid-America Transplant will be raising awareness about the lifesaving opportunities created through eye donation.

Eye Donation Month 2019 will focus on all the individuals who make the gift of sight possible. Eye bank staff, cornea surgeons, funeral directors, medical examiners/coroners, hospital administrators, cornea donor families and cornea recipients are the enduring champions for the millions of people around the world whose lives were transformed through cornea donation and transplantation.

Quick Facts:

  • This year, Mid-America Transplant is expecting to recover more than 1,200 corneas suitable for transplant. 
  • Last year, heroic donors through Mid-America Transplant gifted 1,108 corneas for transplant to help patients regain their sight.
  • Almost anyone can be a cornea donor, regardless of vision, age, or past ocular health issues such as cataracts or laser vision correction.
  • The transplants performed each year increase their recipients’ productivity and reduce their healthcare costs, contributing $6 billion in benefits to the US healthcare system.

It all starts with registering to be an eye, organ and tissue donor at and sharing your decision with your family and loved ones.

During Eye Donation Month, Mid-America Transplant will promote cornea donation and transplantation awareness; encourage individuals to register as eye, organ and tissue donors; honor donors and their families; and celebrate cornea recipients. Follow along all month on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.