Peggy Taylor


My Story
By Peggy Taylor

It all started with a cold. A virus. It went to my heart and did permanent damage. I lived 19 years with medicine. Then I started having issues. A defibrillator inserted. I had to have an ablation that left me with no heartbeat. Thankfully the doctors brought me back. Over the next year my defibrillator started going off. I was sick, very sick. Going up the stairs of my house to sleep was difficult. Walking out to my car to go to the store, difficult. I really couldn’t do anything, much less doing it easily. Basically I just couldn’t breathe.
I was told I had to have a heart transplant. Really? A heart transplant? This was so beyond my comprehension! I’m just slightly old enough to remember the first one ever done! I just couldn’t believe I needed a heart transplant!

After a million questions, conversations, and prayers, of course I choose the heart transplant. I wanted to live. I wanted to see my grandchildren grow up. There was really no choice. I spoke to the doctors and the testing began to see if I was going to have a transplant, and all I could do was put this in God’s Hands. I had to rely on my faith in Him and the doctors. I had to give up control. Ask anyone who knows me, this is not something I do or who I am. But, here lies another miracle. I did it.

I waited on the list for five days. Only 5 days! A miracle!
Needless to say this has changed my life for the better. I take my donor with me every day on my journey. I try to appreciate every aspect of life and my life. I want to give her things she didn’t get to see. I want her to continue to live in me. I want to be thankful every day.