Jack Fearn


This is Jack Fearn

Before Jack’s life was cut short by a traumatic brain injury, Jack was a Superstar. Jack loved life and lived it to the fullest. With his dark curly hair, infectious smile and sparkling eyes, Jack lit up every place he entered. Jack had a special way of making everyone feel welcomed and loved.

I do not know the exact day that I met Jack, however I do remember that it was over 10 years ago at the lake of the Ozarks. Jack was there with his mom, Marisa, and his brother Sam. There was an instant connection between Marisa and me, which started a long-lasting friendship between our families. Little did I know then, how connected we would ultimately become.

I am Christine Dozier and my mother, Joyce received Jack’s kidney. I can still hear Marisa’s voice shaking on the phone “Christine, Come to St. John Mercy ER now! Jack is hurt.” Phone line goes dead. No questions asked, I just went. I stayed, I prayed, but God’s will was not ours. Then the difficult questions began of organ donation. I on one hand have been a registered organ donor for as long as I can remember. Marisa on the other hand was not, until she remembered my mom. My mom, Joyce, has struggled with kidney disease as long as I can remember and had been on the kidney transplant list for over 3 years. During those 3 plus years, Marisa had actually offered to donate one of her kidneys when we discussed how I had been turned down. Having O blood type (O can donate to any blood type but can only accept an O Donation) along with her age made it seem less and less likely that my mom would ever get a matched kidney.

Back to the ICU, waiting for the meeting with Mid America Transplant, I knew I could not attend. I still remember Marisa looking over at me and saying, “Hey, doesn’t your mom need something?” My first thought was, my mom is holding steady, but how AWSOME would it be if she decided to give life, if one of Jack’s kidneys was directed to my mom. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Jack and my mom would be a match! I figured that it might put her higher on the list or if we were really lucky, maybe a paired match. But God’s will was done, all because of Marisa and Jacks selfless gift of choosing life.

Selfless in death as he was in life, Jack lives on and has given new life to 6 individuals.

His heart beats for a young girl in Georgia.
His lungs provide breath to a boy in Pennsylvania.
His liver filters blood for a woman in Missouri.
His pancreas provides fuel for a young woman in Minnesota.
His left kidney provides critical life too a young girl in Missouri and his right kidney was given to my mother, Joyce Kolnik.

I am honored and overwhelmingly blessed by Marisa and Jack’s selfless gifts.
I pray that you never have such tragedy in your lives, however being aware of organ donation and having discussions about your wishes now will lessen the burden for your loved ones in such difficult times.

In addition to organ donation Marisa has set-up a scholarship fund in Jack’s name at Kirkwood High School. The Jack Fearn Technical Theater Scholarship is awarded to s student at Kirkwood High School who wants to pursue a degree in Theater. Jack’s planned on attending Missouri State University in the Fall of 2020. Hi family wants his dream to live on through others.


I have chosen to be a volunteer with Mid-America Transplant with my BFF, Marisa. Together we want to share our story, to spread awareness and encourage you to choose life.