Ron Tischer


If you have had the pleasure of knowing Ron Tischer, then you know what true friendship and kindness looks like. His generosity has reached so many, and their dedication to their community is unparalleled and inspiring.

Long after his daughters, Lindsey and Lauren, graduated from Incarnate Word, Ron continued to care for the Incarnate Word fields, improving them, maintaining them, and giving the gift of sport to so many children and their parents. If you are a parent who has enjoyed watching your child play on the Incarnate Word fields, it’s thanks to Ron. If you are an Incarnate Word alumnus who can remember your time on the fields, they were meticulously groomed, lined, and maintained by Ron. If you made some money umpiring baseball and softball games on Incarnate Word’s fields, it’s because Ron trained you. If you learned how to throw, hit, and field there, it was made possible by Ron.

There’s nothing Ron wouldn’t do or hasn't done to support Michele - he would dress up for her themes, he’d help her decorate, he’d run errands and make deliveries for her plans and celebrations.

Some of the adjectives that would describe Ron are hard work and selflessness - not to mention his kindness and humor - will stand to inspire all who play on the fields and who visit them to remember what it truly means to live a life of service.

Ron, my dad, passed away suddenly on February 19, 2021 and was able to donate his corneas and tissue. Our family was blessed to know that even in his death he was still able to help others.