Andrea White


My mother, Andrea White, was a strong, kind hearted women. She always believed in the best in people. She loved her family dearly and nothing ever came between she and the family. My parents were married for 38 years and fought through everything, side by side. She passed away July 5th 2021 after becoming ill with breathing issues. The doctors couldn't figure it out and she continued to decline for a month. She left behind three children and five grandchildren. She called everyone family though and always had an open door policy at her home. She loved gardening and taking adventures. My parents traveled all over on cruises and vacations. She was a die hard St. Louis Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys fan. Man would she get heated over those games. Death was something she never liked talking about because she lost a brother at a young age. She talked about death though in her final stay at the hospital. I think she was ready to not be in pain anymore and to be free. She suffered for many years from various deceases that would often cause her pain and she would be unable to leave the house. She signed up to be a donor years ago and the family had forgotten about it until after she passed away. It quickly reminded the family of how she was always willing to give. Her warm soul will always be carried on throughout others that carry a small part of her. It gives our family a little sense of peace. She will forever be our hero!