Debra Lynn DeCrane

Debra Lynn

I would like to share our moms memory by sharing her story. Our mother’s name is Debra Lynn DeCrane. She was a lady with a heart of gold who shared her love in many ways. Christmas cookies were definitely her best way of showing the people she loved, how much she cared. Those cookies took a lot of time and patience which made them so much more delicious and meaningful to all of us. On April 23, 2022, I received a phone call that no one ever wants to receive. The phone call was from my brother telling me that our mother had been in a terrible motorcycle accident. I hit my knees and cried out “No Mom, No"! I thought to myself, " this has got to sound worse than what it really is, everything is going to be alright." My brother and I spent most of the night in the car traveling to the hospital where our mother was. We listened to all of the music that reminded us of our mother, mostly old rock and roll and country music. When we arrived at the hospital, the news was devastating. The doctors said that our mother had suffered a high impact head injury which caused her brain to hemorrhage and swell, which meant that her brain was unable to function. We waited many hours for her brain to show signs of activity, and still nothing. At this time, we were given the option of comfort care or to donate our mothers organs. The decision of organ donation was made because this was her wishes. The donor team was very friendly and helpful. They helped answer any questions that we had and helped give us a piece of mind about our decision. I am happy to announce that my mother was a successful donor to a successful recipient. I am proud of my mother’s decision as a donor. By being an organ donor, my mother was able to give life to another human being in need. Our mother is missed by so many, especially my daughter, Jada, who she raised as her own. She will as well be forever loved and missed by all her other grandchildren, and family. Thank you, Mid-America Transplant, for helping our mother save another life.