Peggy Walsh


My mom's name was Peggy Walsh. She passed at the age of 55 from congestive heart failure. She was such a caring woman. She worked as an in home health aide for people on hospice all the way up until she passed. She earned an associate's degree in special education from Lewis and Clark Community College. She was the mother of three daughters: myself, Olivia, and Hannah. She now has two grandchildren that she never got the opportunity to meet. Nick who is 8 and Ava who is 5. She was funny and fun loving and had the most infectious laugh. There wasn't anyone that she couldn't get along with because she has such an amazing personality and spirit. She would have given you the last dollar she had if she thought you needed it. Her heart was so full of love and when she passed I knew she would want to continue to give back. We were told by Mid-America Transplant that some of her skin was used for burn victims and her corneas were used to help restore sight. I know she would have been happy to learn how her life was still making a difference for others. My mother was my best friend and she is forever going to be my hero!