Ashley Nagle


I had just hung up the phone with Ashley. I was at work, she was at home with her children, and an hour later she was found unresponsive. It took paramedics a while to get a pulse; it was weak but they had a pulse. She was transported to the hospital, and all they could tell me is she had a lot of blood on her brain and was being sent to another hospital. Upon arrival I was greeted with a nurse and a doctor who talked to me. All I can remember hearing is she had no brain activity, my daughter had a aneurysm burst. My sweet 27 year old daughter and a mother of 3 didn’t make it. Myself, my husband, her 3 brothers, and her sister decided to donate her organs as we are all organ donors. The woman who helped us with everything was truly amazing, I’ll remember her forever, she was so kind. I was informed of every thing and our Ashley had saved 6 lives… she will be forever our hero.