Blake Patterson


My son Blake was 24 yrs old. He had autism but he was so loved and very spoiled and he never met a stranger. He loved John Deere everything and the St. Louis Cardinals. He was baptized at the age of 13 and afterwards he said that was fun. His daddy passed away when Blake was 13, so Blake was living at home with his mommy and aunt Sherry and uncle Tim and he loved his mommy's boyfriend Patrick.

He liked camping, movies, music, going to Florida on vacations, and he loved lawn mowing rides with his daddy and pa pa JR from infant until he could by himself. He loved going to school at Parkview until he graduated at the age of 21. He had a lot of medical issues for many years after he was born, but in time and as he got older a lot of that was gone. The day he passed away our hearts will never be the same. He was loved and liked by many people. His passing will forever be our loss. Mommy and aunt Sherry love and miss you so very much; you were aunt Sherry s birthday present. He had a sweetness about him, easy to love.